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lørdag 15. mars 2014

My HST quilt

On pinterest I have seen alot of HST (half square triangles) quilts and I so wanted to make one for myself to use at the cabin in the summer when it gets cold in the evenings.

There are 88 HSTs 6" finished - 48 x 60 inches.

This is so easy and the layout is totally random - usually I obsess with placement, but in this quilt the point was to let go - and I did!

All of the solids come from a local fabric store - the quality is comparable to Modas solids - but the price is lower.

On the back is a print from IKEA which I have been hoarding forever - just waiting to use it like this. Now I need to buy more! And I plan to sew more of this quilt with different colors in place of the aqua. There are numbers written on the back and I noticed this:
the year I was born!

I pieced with 50 wt Aurifil 2024 and since I piece everything with this thread I bought a big cone of it from ebay.

I quilted with 40 wt Aurifil 2615 because it is a light grey that would not be totally white on the darker fabrics. In one corner I started quilting 1/2 inch apart but I gave up and left it like that so that I could sew on a linen tape so I can hang the quilt when not in use.

xx Kirsten

onsdag 12. mars 2014

Baby quilt

For this baby quilt I used Moda bakeshops pattern: Pure baby boy with the fabric from Moda Vintage Modern. I cut up a Layer Cake and used some of the same prints on the back and for the binding. It finished at 37 x 42 inch (94 x 106 cm).

Vintage Modern Baby Girl front

Vintage Modern Baby Girl back
I pieced it with 50 wt Aurifil color 2024 and quilted with 40 wt Aurifil colors 2024 on the prints and 2437 on the white sides. I love how the 40 wt Aurifil threads lays when I straight line quilt at 3.5 stitch length!

xx Kirsten

søndag 1. desember 2013

December 1st

One of my quilting "colleagues" showed a tablerunner on facebook and it inspired me to copy her design!
I've drawn up a pattern and I will be using my newly bought Lemoyne Star ruler for the first time for this. My mother likes what I sew and she has a long table in the hall and these are the fabrics I have chosen for it - I have watched her look at things in christmas markets and concluded that this is her christmas palette...
Christmas table runner

Now off to work!

xx Kirsten

lørdag 16. november 2013

Straight line quilting

Last weekend I went with some quilting friends to quilt together and I finished straight line quilting  this Meandering Paths quilt - which has been laying in a sandwich for over a year.

I also quilted this table topper with 6" squares of tilda fabrics for our livingroom table - the backing is solid white so I can turn it around for christmas and put a christmas tablerunner on it.

xx Kirsten
(sorry about the poor pictures I only had my Iphone)

mandag 1. juli 2013

Tour de Fibre day 3

I'm blogging from the garden at our cabin. I take breaks from the weeding often.

I watch tour de france and finish of bindings on 6 placemats.

xx Kirsten

torsdag 13. juni 2013

MIA - Finish it Up Friday!

I have been sewing while I have been absent. It's just that I'm less on the computer now that I have an Iphone with everything I need, facebook, my mail, my bank, pinterest and bloglovin. I also have problems sitting at the computer for long periods of time and that limits what I do on it.
But I should blog more - and I will try to!

Here are two table runners I have finished: 
Finished UFO for the Lottery in the quilt guild.
Back of tablerunner.
A tablerunner for my sister with shot cottons! I love the colorplay in the fabric.

Looks almost like a town skyline.

xx Kirsten
Linking up to: Finish it up friday (link will come tomorrow)

søndag 28. april 2013


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